We return to the cable war, this time with the mice. Wireless or wired? Each one has pros and cons, in this article I want to discuss them. Which one will you stay with?

Wireless mouse

At first glance it seems more comfortable and useful, right? Well, it’s half true, because these mice are made for the average user, office automation, to use at work, if we have a computer in the living room… Wireless mice, whether via Bluetooth or radio frequency (these are the most common), have several advantages and other disadvantages. Below we will make a small table with pros and cons. Pros:They do not have cables. Obviously this is the first advantage. A wireless mouse is more comfortable and we can place it anywhere in the house (with a maximum distance). It is very useful when watching movies in the living room without having to get up, for example. • Freedom when playing. Many times when we are concentrated we start to shake the mouse to destroy our enemies. If you have a cable, it has surely happened to you that you accidentally force yourself and give the cable a tug. If it is wireless, we avoid that by having a much wider radius to play. . Cons:Extended expense. If you opt for a wireless mouse, look for one with a battery and if they come with a couple of them, even better. Many times people forget that wireless mice need power, so if they are battery-powered we may have an extra expense compared to wired ones. • Response speed. This is another weak point of wireless mice, when the mouse makes a movement it reaches the computer via radio frequency (those of which we have to connect a small USB to the computer) or via Bluetooth. Whatever the option, that time it takes is called latency, and it makes the response speed slower in video games, they are thousandths of a second but there are many people who are uncomfortable. • Interferences. You have to be careful, if it is radio frequency, objects in the house can cause interference, such as a radio controlled car. • System boot. Until you have the computer with your operating system running, it will not recognize the keyboard or mouse, so if you want to enter the BIOS you will have to connect one by cable.

Wired mouse

Personally I prefer wired mice, but this is just my humble opinion. A wired mouse has certain problems, but they are usually more precise. We remember that we are speaking as a general rule, since there are always exceptions that confirm the rule. Pros:High response speed. Today, it is the fastest and most accurate to play. • Compatibility. There are old computers that do not have USB, and therefore cannot use wireless ones; wired mice are usually USB or PS2. • Greater variety aimed at the gamer world. In the gamer world, a large percentage is cable, so we will have more variety and a larger catalog of prices to choose from. • Better connection. There are mice, usually mid/high range, that have a gold-plated USB port, improving conductivity. Something impossible for wireless mice. Cons:Length. Size does matter, and even more so when we talk about the distance over which we can move the mouse, a cable can cause more problems than a wireless one. • Knots and disorder. When something has as many cables as a computer, knots can be made that damage the cable and deteriorate it. And as always in  Ibertronica.es you can choose the most appropriate mouse according to your needs. Visit us!
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