Through our website you can pay your orders through the following payment methods:

  • Payment in cash. This form of payment is only possible if you pick up the order at our facilities in Madrid. To know where we are click here.

  • Bank transfer or deposit. With this form of payment you make the payment in advance, either by transferring the amount of the order from your bank or by entering the window in one of our entities.

  • Credit card. This form of payment is immediate, totally secure and verified by VISA. All payments made through this form of payment will be validated by your bank and if accepted, it will be sent automatically and instantly. It requires a security key to be able to make this type of online payments. Consult your bank if you do not know your security key. VISA / VISA Electron and MasterCard / Maestro cards are accepted.

  • Bizum. This form of payment is immediate and totally secure. Make your purchases online quickly and safely. You just have to choose the option "Pay with Bizum", indicate your phone number and validate the operation.

  • Another form of payment already agreed. In case you are a regular customer and you want it, you can request that we change the payment method by sending a request to the mail: Risk Department