keyboard models guideThe keyboard has been until now one of the most important peripherals for any type of computer since its inception, since without it we cannot send instructions to the computer.</p >

Currently, thanks to USB and Bluetooth, which allow you to easily connect any device, there are many keyboard models designed for all types of needs. With this in mind, we have written this guide, to make it easier for you to find the keyboard that best suits what you are looking for.

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Parts of a keyboard

To begin, we must differentiate between two types of keyboards, basic and extended. The basic keyboards are traditional keyboards, usually QWERTY in Spain, which contain 105 keys, which are more than enough if the keyboard is not going to be used for any specific purpose.
Extended keyboards are those that contain additional keys, designed for a specific purpose, such as gaming keyboards that have extra keys that can be programmed to do specific functions.

parts of a keyboard

Types of technology

Another important part that you should know is that there are several types of technology when it comes to keyboards:

Scissor mechanism

It is the most used technology in laptops, its operation consists of two small pieces of plastic that intertwine as if it were a pair of scissors. When we press the key, they come together, activating the circuit. One of the main advantages of this system is that you don’t have to press too hard for it to work, but the downside is that they have a shorter useful life and are more prone to getting dirty.

types of scissor mechanism keyboards

Membrane panel

They are not usually used in desktop computers, devices such as photocopiers are usually carried or they also exist for Arduino. They have two plastic membranes, one conductive in the non-visible part and another in which the key that we are going to press appears. Normally these types of keyboards emit beeps when pressing the keys, since they do not have the characteristic click of normal keyboards.

types of keyboards

Membrane mechanism

Membrane keyboards are the most common among desktop computer keyboards. They have a plastic part that, when we press the key, activates the membrane that goes to the circuit. Their main advantage is that there are many types, they are quite cheap and do not produce much noise.

types of membrane keyboards


The button is made up of several pieces called switchers that are operated differently depending on their type. They are the best for gaming keyboards since they have an excellent response time and also have superior resistance to that of membrane keyboards.

types of mechanical keyboards

Types of keyboards

Now that you know some of the most used technologies for keys, we move on to the types of keyboards. As we have already said at the beginning of the article, there are many types of keyboards, all different and prepared to cover certain needs.

Ergonomic keyboards

These keyboards are designed to minimize muscle tension when we are typing for many hours. Its main objective is to avoid diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other pain derived from continued use of the keyboard.

Microsoft is one of the brands that best develops this type of keyboard.

types of ergonomic keyboards


It is a quite innovative technology, a device projects the keyboard onto a flat surface and when we touch the corresponding key it acts in the same way as any other keyboard. They are still not perfected and fail a lot, which can lead to moments of frustration, but in the future it can be a very practical technology due to its portability and the little space it takes up.

types of laser keyboards


Normallymade of silicone, their main advantage is that they are very light, easy to transport and that they are available liquid-proof . Perhaps their worst disadvantage is that they are quite uncomfortable, which limits their use for very specific tasks.

rollable keyboard types

Gaming keyboards

For gamers, the keyboard is another extension of their body, so the better it responds, the better performance they have when playing. The gaming keyboards stand out because they are highly customizable so that they best adapt to the type of game we are playing, they also have unique designs with colorful LED lights which make them look more impressive.

types of gaming keyboards

Portable keyboard models

Designed to be easily transported, they have Bluetooth technology so that we can connect it to any of our devices, be it our mobile or our tablet and we can write with them in case we need to. They stand out for their small size and the fact that they use batteries.

bluetooth keyboard types

With touchpad

Very useful if we want to manage everything calmly from the sofa, since they allow us to control, wirelessly and comfortably, our television or our computer< /strong>. There are models that connect wirelessly via USB or Bluetooth and with battery or batteries.

types of keyboards with touchpad

Braille keyboards

There are many types of braille keyboards designed for the blind. The layout of the keys has nothing to do with that of normal keyboards since they seek to make it easier for the person who uses them to make the keys easy to find by touch and for writing to be easy. faster.

types of braille keyboards

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