We are used to doing speed tests on our desktop PC but sometimes we forget that doing a speed test on our mobile is essential to try to find out the problems that our connection may be causing network.

And today there are many super easy and intuitive apps for our smartphone that do all this work in just a few seconds.

Today we share one of those apps, fast, reliable and completely free.

SpeedTest, the app to do speed tests on Android and iOS

Regardless of whether you have a mobile phone with Android or an iPhone, you may find that the two most efficient apps for measuring speed are shared on both systems. Logically, there are more than the ones we show here and just having one will be enough for you, but we have compiled the ones that in our experience are most accurate.

Speedtest - speed test

SpeedTest also has a web version, so you can just as easily check your internet connection from your PC.

Speaking of its app, it works great providing interesting speed data, as well as all the data related to the network to which you are connected.

A very interesting option to carry on your mobile, and for free!