If we talk about computer components, parts and other essential parts of computers, thecooler for PC is something that cannot be may be missing from the conversation. This element is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the equipment in the ideal state, with the aim that the extreme heat that is produced in the computers does not destroy their stability. The use of cooler for PC has become a necessity in recent decades, expanding on computer equipment inevitably for better or worse.

The origin of coolers

We do not intend to take a look at prehistory, but it is relevant to know how the use of the first coolers originated. A cooler is a fan capable of cooling and maintaining the temperature, no more, no less. These coolers tend to be used for all types of aspects of life, and are not only present in the world of computing. In this sector we see them presented as small fans that are responsible for cooling the equipment by rotating to create an ambient temperature within the device that is adequate for its correct operation.

In the IBM compatible PC computer market, the PSU</ a> of the equipment has always used a fan to expel hot air from the terminal. Active cooling in CPUs began to be seen in the Intel 80486, reproducing regularly until 1997 it had already become a standard in all desktop processors. With the arrival of the Pentium 4 in the late 2000s, case fans, typically a fan to exhaust air from the back and optionally a fan to introduce fresh air to the front, became common. A third fan, this one located on the side of the PC, usually above the CPU, is also something we are used to seeing.

Currently what a cooler usually uses is the GPU of modern graphics cards, also requiring a heatsink. In other cases, the northbridge chip on the motherboard has another fan.

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The importance of using PC coolers

Although in the past it was not necessary to use fans with computer equipment. The increase in speed and energy consumption of processors, graphics cards and RAM memory. It has made coolers become a common necessity. This is because the increase in heat produced by these components has an adverse effect on the performance of computer equipment. It is necessary to keep the components at a good temperature to prevent overheating and possible accidents and damage that the equipment may suffer, which would mean shortening its lifespan.

The fans included in the coolers are responsible for moving hot air and expelling it from the components, while capturing fresh air to renew them. The fans that are attached to the components are usually used in combination with a heat sink to increase the hot surface area in contact with the air, all of which helps the cooler’s work efficiency.

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Recommendations to PC cooler

These PC coolers are available in different sizes and capacities. Providing adequate performance when conditioning the temperature of computers in all types of functions. Also helping to silence the team’s work at reduced speed. It is advisable to choose the most appropriate cooler in each case. Fine-tuning your installation in each situation to take advantage of each equipment and model.

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