At the heart of every technology system, cable management is an omnipresent challenge. Patchbox has emerged as a leader in solving this common problem, offering innovative solutions that not only organize cables in a rack, but transform the way we understand and leverage connectivity. p>

The most innovative and completely modular wiring system.

The essence of these products lies in their ability to simplify the complexity of cables of different lengths. Instead of dealing with a tangle of connections, Patchbox offers a comprehensive solution that not only organizes, but improves accessibility and operational efficiency.

The Patchbox cabling system goes beyond simple organization. Facilitates rapid cable management in the rack, streamlining daily tasks and enabling a more efficient approach to network maintenance and expansion.

Patchbox comes with everything you need to connect your server, including specifically designed mounting rails as well as cable organizers and identification labels. p>

Keep your rack always tidy. Clean and quick installation.

Patchbox offers a variety of products designed to adapt to the size of your rack cabinet and provide efficient network management. Say goodbye to that annoying tangle of cables, with Patchbox you can retract the excess cable from your installation to have a clean and tidy server, gaining up to 50% more rack space. In addition, you can purchase each product separately or in a kit depending on what you want.



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You will no longer need a specialized technician to make any connection change in your rack cabinet, since each Patchbox product has a RJ45 or Fiber color cabling system. Depending on how you want to organize your rack server you can choose the colors to differentiate installations, for example: Blue color for commercial department, Red color for human resources department, Green color for Logistics, etc. p>

So that you can see it even more clearly, in the following video you will be able to appreciate the difference in time, organization and cleaning using Patchbox products compared to any traditional mounting system.


And what are Patchbox products like?

As we have already mentioned before all Patcbox products are completely modular it comes with everything you need to connect your server. </ strong>The Patchbox product range mainly consists of the following products:

Patchbox Frame

The Patchbox frame will be the base where you can house up to 24 Patchbox Cassettes. You will be able to easily create your own configuration, choosing the most suitable type of patchbox frame (365 or Plus+) for your rack cabinet and equipping it with the corresponding Patchbox Cassettes.

Marco Patchbox 365

Patchbox 365 Frame

Marco Patchbox +

Patchbox Plus+ Frame

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Patchbox cassettes

Patchbox Cassettes are the essential component for managing connections. Its modular design allows you to customize your network according to your needs. Each Cassete variant features different construction and wiring lengths to suit the size of your rack cabinet. Additionally, it features its own cable organizer and identification label.

Cassette Patchbox 365

Cassette Patchbox 365

Cassette Patchbox +

Cassette Patchbox +

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Complete Patchbox Kits

And if what you are looking for is a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution, the Patchbox Kit (365 or Plus+) is the perfect choice. Includes Patchbox Cassettes and all essential components to build your installation quickly and organized.

Kit Patchbox 365

Kit Patchbox 365

Kit Patchbox +

Kit Patchbox +

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Benefits when using Patchbox in your data center

Implementing Patchbox products doesn’t just mean a neater appearance. Companies and data centers have experienced tangible benefits, from increased operational efficiency, significant reduction in problem resolution time and even cost savings by avoiding the hiring of specialized assembly technicians. .

In short, Patchbox goes beyond being a cable organizer. It represents an innovation in the way we manage and understand connectivity. From the simplicity of its design to the tangible benefits it brings to businesses and technology installations, Patchbox is leading the way toward smarter, more efficient cable management. With Patchbox, cable management is not just a task; It’s a revolution.

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